Advanced Community Health Network (ACHN) is an innovative care delivery model that brings together a community of local care experts who are well known for providing quality post-acute care services to patients and their families after they leave the hospital. ACHN providers also share a commitment to deliver superior chronic and supportive care to help improve quality of life and promote vibrant and healthy communities.

ACHN’s collaboration of providers includes top physicians, advanced nurse practitioners, skilled nursing facilities, home care agencies and specialty medical providers.

ACHN teams utilize integrative communication tools and evidence-based treatment standards to ensure a seamless continuum of care as patients move from hospital to home. The unique, mobile communication platform is called Process of Care Coordination. The system brings together all of the team members so that they can collaborate and jointly care for patients. Each provider stays in the loop so that they can track and monitor any changes in patients’ clinical status as they occur in real time, ensuring instant communication about urgent health care needs.

Wolcott View Manor, Meridian Manor and the Cleary family sponsor the Advanced Community Health Network because of the shared core belief that community is the foundation of each and every healthy individual, family and business.

We rely on our communities to live, work, and thrive – we have built an innovative model around this notion. Health care functions best when it is streamlined, integrated, highly skilled and compassionate.